Victron Energy Set – Blue Solar Charge Controller MPPT 100/30 including VE Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

Victron Energy Set - Blue Solar Charge Controller MPPT 100/30 including VE Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle
  • Victron Energy Solar regulator MPPT 100/30 Battery voltage 12/24 V (automatic selection) Nominal charge current 30 A, self-usage only 10 mA
  • The nominal charge current of the charger is 30 A, self-usage only 10 mA, maximum PV leakage of the solar modules 100 V, peak efficiency 98% maximum PV power 12 V: 440 W; 24 V: 880 W Maximum PV leakage voltage 100 V
  • Smart dongle allows the presentation of the information in real time of your BlueSolar MPPT on the iOS or Android Pad / Handy
  • The included VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle allows you to monitor and display the information in the real time of your BlueSolar MPPT solar charger on the iOS or Android Pad / mobile phone. The necessary VictronConnect app can be loaded in the respective app store
  • The set of charger control and VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle is assembled by Yachtglanz R.G.®. A visual inspection is carried out by our trained staff to protect the buyers. In addition, the products are shipped in a package specially designed by Yachtglanz R.G.® and prepared for secure transport. Further information on the product can be found here

Ultra-fast Maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT)
In particular, when the light intensity changes constantly, an extremely fast MPPT controller improves the energy output compared to PWM charging As opposed to slower MPPT controllers, by up to 10%.

Load output
An overloading of the battery can be prevented by the use of all Loads are connected to the load output.
The load output disconnects the loads when the battery has been discharged to a predetermined voltage value.
Some loads (particularly inverters) are best connected directly to the battery

BatteryLive: intelligent battery management If the solar charge controller is not able to charge the battery, the inverter can be connected to the load output Battery to recharge the battery within a day to its full capacity, the status of the battery constantly changes between “partially charged” and “end of discharge.” This operating mode (no regular full charging) damages a lead- Battery within a few weeks or months. The Battery Life algorithm monitors the charge level of the battery, and if necessary, it raises the load threshold (i.e. I.e., the load is disconnected earlier) until the recovered energy is sufficient to charge the battery to nearly 100%. From this point on, the load threshold is modulated so that the charge is reached to nearly 100% approximately once a week.

Including VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle


With the VE.Direct to Bluetooth, you can view the MPPT 100/30’s information on your smartphone, tablet, and customize settings.

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