Holographic Bird Scare Tape Crack Ice Repeller Tape 2 inch 150 feet 1 Rolls

Holographic Bird Scare Tape Crack Ice Repeller Tape 2 inch 150 feet 1 Rolls
  • Holographic bird tape scares the pest birds away without hunting them
  • Visually & audibly scaring the pest bird scare tape in the wind with crackle noise
  • Protects your crops from birds as it flashes dramatically in the sunlight
  • Humane and Environmentally friendly way to scare away pests
  • These deterrent flash tapes are metallic so beware power lines, electrical wires, etc.

Holographic bird scares cracked ice ribbon tape which is a non adhesive reflective flash tape which scares the birds only day time and also makes a noise as it flaps in the wind. Birds away in a humane way by scaring them with the sound and brightness of the patterns. The purpose of this product is by means of two different colors which can reflect the light to the birds in order to make the bird’s eyesight confusing. It’s widely used to protect plants, agriculture, airports, railway stations, and factories from the menace of pigeon droppings etc. Non Adhesive these tapes are to be tied together in knots for best effect. Effective in Windy area where the tapes can flow free and create noise and reflection. Using Methods: Hang the bird tape taller than the crops by 10 to 50cm, Fix one side of the bird tape before you hang it, Once you have pull 2 meters, You must turn 180 degree in order to make the tape fixed, You can change the bird tape into S shape, After 10 days, You should change the shape which can extend the time of resisting the birds and make it more and more effective. Specifications: Mylar based films 1 mil thickness (25 micron) 150 feet rolls

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