• Reduction of up to 80% of chlorine: The gradual accumulation of some contaminants, such as dust, tanning lotions, body fluids, etc., opaque and muddy water, so that a small amount of chlorine will always be unavoidable to dissolve them . But the amount needed for this is minimal, the rest can be done by Ecopas, which allows to reduce the use of chlorine by up to 80%.
  • Improvement of health: The adverse effects of chlorine are undesirable: unpleasant and intense odor, allergic reactions, skin irritation, eye irritation, discoloration of garments and hair, corrosion of metals and paints, degradation of tile joints , etc. It also causes respiratory problems and its use is prohibited in many countries because it is considered carcinogenic.
  • Ecological operation: The solar radiation that reaches your panel is converted into a weak electric current completely harmless, so that you can swim quietly in the presence of the unit. The current makes work the lower electrodes that are submerged in the water, which are responsible for ionizing it and prevent the proliferation of microorganisms, filamentous algae and verdin.
  • Resistant and discreet: Ecopas is made of modern plastic materials, which allow a long shelf life under extreme conditions of water and sun, as well as offering adequate impact resistance. Its good flotation together with its discreet design and size allow it to be used even in the smallest pools or ponds.
  • Economic maintenance: Only the central copper electrode should be replaced periodically, which has a low cost and a duration of between one and two years, depending on the conditions in which it has worked, and can be easily replaced by anyone. Exceptionally it may be necessary to replace the steel outer electrode if it has been incorrectly handled.

The solar water purifier for swimming pools and ponds Ecopas of the FraBen-Mai Internacional, S.L. is a completely autonomous ionizer powered by solar energy, whose function is to limit the growth and development of microorganisms, algae and parasites. Control of algae and bacteria is achieved by the introduction of mineral ions into the water through an ionization process. When sunlight strikes the solar panel located on the upper face, a harmless current is generated that provides energy to a mineral electrode located on the submerged side, and the ionization process begins. The generated ions mix with the water, spreading in all corners. These ions are safe and are not toxic to you, but microorganisms and algae can not survive. Unlike chlorinated products, which rapidly lose their effectiveness on evaporation and produce skin and eye irritations, odors and damage to clothing, the ions produced by Ecopas remain effective for weeks. Oils and lotions tend to dull water, so a small amount of chlorine will always be needed, usually 15% will be enough to maintain the crystallinity of the water during peak periods of use of the pool. In winter the chlorine dosage can be suspended, Ecopas will keep your pool in perfect condition.

Periodic cleaning of the electrodes: The electrodes are covered over time with a mineral deposit of calcium and iron which slows down the ionization process and must be cleaned with a hard bristle brush at least once a week.

The device is designed to operate in pools of up to 80000 liters. For larger pools you will need to purchase more units.

ECOPAS is a product developed and PATENTED INTERNATIONALLY by Natural Power, S.A., manufactured in Argentina for the South American market by the same company and in Spain by FraBen-Mai Internacional, S.L. for the international market.

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