Bosch 0.600.8A4.572 36 V 4.0 A 43 LI Rotak Ergoflex Rotary Mower – Green

Bosch 0.600.8A4.572 36 V 4.0 A 43 LI Rotak Ergoflex Rotary Mower - Green
  • Syneon Chip – Intelligently controlled energy for every project
  • Ergonomic handles for easy handling
  • The Power drive LI + motor system ensures a reliable cut even under difficult conditions
  • Excellent handling characteristics due to smooth-running, rubber-coated wheels.
  • The grass combs mow the grass perfectly right to the edge.

A wide 430mm cut width, a long lasting 4.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery & a range of innovative performance enhancing features make the Bosch ROTAK 43 LI ERGOFLEX 36v Cordless Rotary Lawnmower an excellent solution for tending to your lawn. The ROTAK 43 LI’s Powerdrive motor system is built to provide consistently high torque in all conditions, & helps to cut grass cleanly & evenly, promoting healthy lawn growth. Grass combs draw in bordering grass for an extra precise cut, useful along lawn edges & borders, & grass collection is optimised by Bosch’s advanced airflow technology, in combination with an up curving blade design which also enables leaf collection when the ROTAK 43 LI is set to its maximum cutting height of 70mm. A capacious 50mm collection box stops you from having to waste time emptying it out when mowing larger lawns. Bosch’s Ergoflex System, incorporating 8 different grip points & adjustable handles, guarantees easy steering & a comfortable, low strain body posture while mowing. Smooth running, rubber-coated wheels further enhance manoeuvrability, & an integrated carrying handle & lightweight, 13.2kg design allow the ROTAK 43 LI to be picked up & moved without difficulty. Initial assembly will also not prove a headache – QuickCLick handles can be fitted together rapidly & without the aid of tools.

Features & Benefits:
Advanced airflow technology.
Powerdrive LI high torque motor.
Ergoflex ergonomic handles.
Large 50-litre grass box
QuickClick handle system
Smooth-running, rubber-coated wheels
Innovative grass combs
LeafCollect function

Battery type – Lithium-ion
Battery voltage – 36 V
Battery charge time – 140 mins
Width of cut – 43 cm
Cutting system – Hardened and ground steel blade
Weight – 13.9 kg
Grass box capacity – 50 l
Height of cut – 20 – 70 mm
Height-of-cut settings – 6

Lowest Price: £421.00
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