35 Multi-Coloured LED Solar String Lights

35 Multi-Coloured LED Solar String Lights
  • 35 multi-coloured LED solar string lights
  • Automatically switches on at dusk
  • Choose from static or flashing function
  • Running time: 8 hours fully charged
  • Length from first bulb to last: 3.4m

35 Multi-Coloured LED Solar String Lights. No wiring required. Install anywhere. Beautify bushes, trees, trellises, and other garden features. LEDs encased by stunning acrylic shapes. Choose from solar butterfly lights, solar cherry blossom lights, or solar strawberry lights. Flashing and static function. Remote solar panel with ground stake. Absorbs solar energy. Automatically switches LEDs on at dusk. First bulb to last: 3.4m. Brand: Simply Summer. These solar garden string lights from Simply Summer are a great way to transform outdoor objects into stunning night time features. The solar powered garden lights contain 35 multi-coloured LEDs encased in beautiful acrylic shapes, including butterflies and strawberries. The multi-coloured solar lights, which are perfect for decorating hedges, trees, and awnings, are connected to a remote solar panel. The remote panel absorbs solar energy during the day and uses it to charge an in-built battery, which automatically turns the LEDs on at dusk.  As long as the panel is within direct sunlight, you can place the garden solar lights up to 2m away, enabling you to illuminate the darkest of garden spaces. In addition to a static light setting, you can also select a flashing function, which is great for summer parties and soirees. Number of LEDs: 35 LED colour: multi-coloured Cable colour: green Remote solar panel Absorbs solar energy during day Uses it to charge in-built battery Automatically switches on at dusk Panel to first bulb: 2m First bulb to last: 3.4m Bulb spacing: 10cm Overall length: 5.4m Running time: 8 hours fully charged

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